An Easier Approach To Dieting

Dieting, in my opinion, has developed a negative connotation. When people think about dieting, they think about how much it is going to suck, how much they will dislike it, how they are going to be miserable, and how they are going to starve, all negative thoughts attached to dieting. When people think about dieting,... Continue Reading →

The Deeper Meaning to Goals

The point of your goals is not just to accomplish them, the person you become while doing whatever it takes to accomplish them is the point. Your goals shouldn’t be easily attained and should be out of your reach, so that way you must level up in all areas of your life and become a... Continue Reading →

Why You Must Love Your Self

Photo by Shamia Casiano on Self-love is the doorway to experiencing and giving love to others. Without self-love, it will feel like there is an emptiness in you, a void that needs to be filled. When you love yourself, you fill that void of emptiness, and then you can love others and feel their... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is one of those things that everyone dreads, but must do. Most people blindly go into the grocery store without seeing the importance of the choices they are about to make. Once you are able to see the importance of grocery shopping, you will find that it takes practice and doesn’t have to... Continue Reading →

Do the Right Thing

We can begin to reverse our negative karma at any moment we choose through a simple, but not easy process. Just do the right thing. That’s it. It could be something big or small, it doesn’t matter, and the best part is you can start right now. Always choose to do the right thing in... Continue Reading →

How I like To Think About Writing

Photo by cottonbro on I am a firm believer in reaping what you sow, and that everything we do now creates ripples in our life that affect our future. I think of writing in the same way. Much of what we write as beginners will not have an immediate effect on our writing journey.... Continue Reading →

Two Tips to Keep You Motivated

Photo by Jan Kroon on Do it for others. Your dreams, goals, and aspirations, do them for others. If your goal is weight loss, do it to inspire your friends and family so they can lose weight. Follow your dreams, so you can lead by example when you tell your kids to follow theirs.... Continue Reading →

How To Be More Confident

Confidence is something that can be increased. If you have low confidence, it can be raised, and I believe there are two ways of doing so. #1: Daily actions Confidence is something that you must earn DAILY. Your level of confidence for the day starts off low, but through action, you can increase it. You increase... Continue Reading →

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