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I am a firm believer in reaping what you sow, and that everything we do now creates ripples in our life that affect our future. I think of writing in the same way.

Much of what we write as beginners will not have an immediate effect on our writing journey. We will post something on Medium or our own blog and nothing happens. This does not mean that our posts are pointless. Once we write something, it’s already out there in the Universe causing ripples in our lives.

I like to look at each thing I write like I’m adding a snowflake to a snowball that’s on a hill waiting to get big enough to start rolling. Our writing careers aren’t moving like the snowball at first, but each time we write something we are adding a flake to the snowball.

The snowflakes we add may vary in size. If what we write really challenges us, we complete a big project, or if something we write blows up, then I consider these bigger snowflakes. Things like comments, social media posts, or less challenging writing, are just smaller snowflakes, but still effective.

I like to believe that eventually, all the snowflakes we’ve added up will cause that snowball to start moving. It could take one year of writing or a lifetime of writing before it moves. It could take one piece of writing or one thousand before you get movement, but as long as we don’t give up and keep improving, it will move.

The movement could represent anything and it’s unique to you. That initial movement could represent something as small as making your first dollar from writing or getting 100 followers on Medium. As long as you keep adding snowflakes, who knows, that snowball could get so big that one day you could write something for a million dollars.

The bottom line is this; don’t stop. You never know when your snowball will take off and how big it could get. Take it one piece of writing at a time and let’s keep growing and improving as writers.

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