Why You Must Love Your Self

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Self-love is the doorway to experiencing and giving love to others. Without self-love, it will feel like there is an emptiness in you, a void that needs to be filled. When you love yourself, you fill that void of emptiness, and then you can love others and feel their love.

You must love yourself first.

When you love yourself, you will fill the void of emptiness. Not until YOU do this, will anything make you feel love. Once you fill that void you can truly feel love and genuinely love others.

How much love you have for yourself will reflect in all of your relationships. If you don’t love yourself, you will not give love to people because you don’t know what it feels like, and you don’t have any love to give away.

When you love yourself first, you can give yourself an infinite supply of the most sought-after feeling. You can be your biggest source of love. You can fill your cup and then give the overflow away.

Imagine this; everyone you meet tells you how beautiful or handsome you are, but no matter how many people tell you this, you still feel ugly. Not until YOU think you are beautiful or handsome, will you believe it, no matter how many people compliment you. It’s the same concept for love. Not until you love yourself will you be able to feel love from or even be able to love others!

Do not rely on others.

When you don’t love yourself, you may rely on others to give you that feeling. Relying on others to love you is unfair and makes you a victim to circumstance. It is unfair to the person who you are expecting to love you because you just gave them an impossible task. You are expecting them to fill the void with their love which will never happen, only you can fill the void. You become a victim to circumstance because now you think that this person will be your source of love.

What if they don’t love you?

What if they stop loving you?

You put yourself at their mercy and make them the source of your love. At any moment, this person can be taken away or walk away and there goes your source.

You are always there for yourself.

If you rely on others to make you feel love, you are expecting someone who might not always be there, to always be there for you, and to provide you with the feeling of love. Since you were a child there has always only been one person by your side no matter what. That person is you. It has been and will always be YOU.

At the end of the day, you are the only one you can rely on to be there for you. There is no guarantee that your significant other, parents, or any other loved one will be there for you. Things happen, people can die, and partners can leave you. No matter what happens in life you will always be there for yourself, if you love yourself, you will always have a source of love.

Self-love must be a priority. When you love yourself, it will reflect in all areas of your life and make your that life much better. Be your biggest supplier of love!

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