The Biggest Obstacle On Your Weight Loss Journey

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When people think about weight loss, they think about the many obstacles they will face. They will face hunger, bland food, and hard workouts. There is, however, an even bigger obstacle


Yes, you are your biggest obstacle on your weight loss journey. You are the one who does not want to stick to a diet, you are the one who does not want to work out, and you are the one who is tired of eating the same food.

You must get out of your way.

When you are in your way, you let your feelings and actions slow you down. Each time you have to argue with yourself or convince yourself to do something like working out or sticking to your diet, you are causing unnecessary hardship for yourself. When you choose to skip a workout or cheat on your diet, you are slowing yourself down!

Once you get out of your way, your path becomes much easier. Instead of making everything you have to do to lose weight an argument, step back, get out of your way, and look at it differently.

Change your mindset

Instead of looking at the healthy food you are going to eat as something you have to do, think of it as something you get to do. The food you do not want to eat while dieting is the food someone from an impoverished country wished they could eat.

Instead of thinking about how boring the food you eat is compared to all the other processed junk food you used to eat, think about how this food will actually allow you to live longer. Think about how this food will actually provide you with energy. Think about how this food will allow you to live life more fully instead of slowing you down with all the processed chemicals.

Instead of thinking about how you might not want to work out, think about how you get to work out! There are thousands, if not millions of people, who are unable to exercise. It might sound mean, but the people who are wheelchair-bound would do anything to go on that run that you are trying to talk yourself out of.

Using your body for what it is designed for is a privilege, not a right. Be grateful you get to make your body stronger during a hard workout.

Instead of thinking about how hungry you are, think about the people in this world that are actually starving. You are just hungry from eating less food. When you are on a diet you can still eat 3–5 square meals a day of nutrient-dense food when there are people out in the world who might not even get one meal a day.

Stop the self-sabotage

Self-sabotage is when you let your desires take you further away from your goals. When you overindulge in snacking, you are sabotaging your real goals of weight loss. When the weekend comes and you decide to go out and have a bunch of beers, that is self-sabotage. When you do not feel like working out, so you skip the gym, that is self-sabotage. When you go out to eat with friends or family and you choose to get a big portion of something unhealthy, self-sabotage.

Any time you self-sabotage you are stopping yourself from attaining your goals. You must stop letting your desires keep you from reaching your goals

You are your biggest obstacle in your weight loss journey.

Get out of your way.

Change your mindset.

And stop the self-sabotage.

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