A Not So Talked About Benefit To Exercise

Me squatting

Exercise is one tool that we have as humans that we can use that has many benefits. If you are out of shape or unhealthy, exercise will obviously help fix these issues. The benefit I want to talk about is a little deeper.

Exercise is the best way to cultivate positivity in your life.

Most people have heard the quote, “You reap what you sow.” When you exercise you are doing something positive for a certain amount of time. That time spent doing something positive will always be repaid to you with more positive time. If you spend one hour working out, somewhere down the line of your life you will be rewarded with one or more hours of positivity.

This reward can be dished out to you in many different ways. You can either be rewarded with living longer or by being able to go to the beach without being self-conscious about how you look and truly being happy and present.

The most direct and obvious way that you will be rewarded for exercising, is through the rise in your vibration following the workout.

When you work out you raise your rate of vibration the most effective way known to man. This increase in your vibration will last for a few hours directly following your workout and you will gain clarity and productivity from this increase. While you are thinking clearly and being productive, you will continue to do more positive acts, thus cultivating more positivity in your life.

You can create a positive feedback loop for cultivating more positivity in your life.

And one minor benefit is the time you spend exercising is time that you cannot spend doing something negative.

The amount of time spent exercising will be rewarded back to you with more positive time. You will be rewarded with a few hours of an increased rate of vibration, clarity, and productivity following the workout, and then a few more hours of positivity possibly later on.

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