The Deeper Meaning to Goals

The point of your goals is not just to accomplish them, the person you become while doing whatever it takes to accomplish them is the point.

Your goals shouldn’t be easily attained and should be out of your reach, so that way you must level up in all areas of your life and become a new and better person through the process of attaining them. The right goal will push you to progress in all areas of life.

Accomplishing your goals will feel good, but that moment will pass in the blink of an eye, just like every other moment.

Don’t be discouraged or wonder why even try if the moment will pass, because the long days, months, and years you spend becoming the person who achieves these goals, will never leave you.

Progressing towards your goals will never be a straightforward path, things will happen, and events will take place that we label as “life getting in the way.” Life is not getting in the way, some small event took place that may have prevented you from progressing, but that event is not life, that was a test to push you and build you. Overcoming all of these events and still working towards your goals is what life is. Every hurdle and everything you must overcome is life.

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