Two Tips to Keep You Motivated

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Do it for others.

Your dreams, goals, and aspirations, do them for others.

If your goal is weight loss, do it to inspire your friends and family so they can lose weight.

Follow your dreams, so you can lead by example when you tell your kids to follow theirs.

Create an individual you respect and admire so your friends, family, and children have a respectable role model in their lives.

Use the thought of others to hold you accountable and keep you motivated. When you do this, the other people become part of your mental team.

Look for depth.

What will keep you going is the depth behind your why. Depth gives you an infinite supply of reasons to keep pushing when you feel like giving up. As deep as you can take things is as far as you will take them.

Superficiality can only take you as far as the surface.

Always look for a deeper meaning behind what you do.

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  1. Doing it for others is such a great tip. I find myself at that stage now in my fitness journey. Used to do it for myself, just to get fitter, but I’ve never missed a single day of working out since 2021 (except when I got COVID), and now I’d like to think that every session is to inspire those close to me to get off their ass or do a bit more. So thanks for this post!

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