God Already Knows What You Need

Place all of your worries in God. He will take care of you like He always has. God knows what you need before you do, so do not spend all of your time asking for what you think you need. God will not give you what you think you need; He will only give you what He knows you need for the salvation of your soul and the betterment of mankind.

It may be unclear as to why God has given you something, but it is always for a greater purpose.

How many things, good or bad, has God given you without you asking for them? God will give you what you need regardless of whether or not you asked for it because He knows what your soul and what the soul of mankind needs.

Therefore, do not spend too much time pleading and asking God for things, but rather spend your time becoming a better servant to God by taking care of what he has already given you and doing what He has placed in front of you.  Always aim to please God and grow close to Him rather than asking for things.

God will always grant you what you need in due time.

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