An Introduction to “The Intellectual Life” by A.G. Sertillanges

intellectual life A.G. Sertillanges

An intellectual is someone who spends their time reading, studying, thinking, and then sharing their knowledge and insight with the world.

The gardener goes to the grass, the doctor to the hospital, and the construction worker to the job site, while the intellectual goes to their desk. There, the intellectual, through the help of God, gathers and collects all of their thoughts for sharing. They sit, stare, and then write through God’s guidance.

One word leads to one sentence which leads to the next as freely as water flows down a river. They don’t have to do anything but go with the flow of their pen, mind, and God, all working in unison. God shares his knowledge and the intellectual simply writes it. The intellectual is God’s puppet when he is writing; they let their pen be free to be controlled by God.

All of the truths and knowledge that the Lord so graciously grants to the intellectual must be shared. The knowledge they share shapes and changes the world. The intellectual does not seek profit nor fame. They only seek to share their knowledge of God for God’s sake.

Do not look down on them because their work is different than yours; instead, hear what they have to say, share your knowledge with them, and help them change the world.

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