Karmic Debt

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Karma is a very well-known topic. Everyone has heard the phrase, “what goes around, comes around.” I feel like most people only think of karma affecting them when they do something major like; stealing, killing, cheating, or whatever the case may be. Yes, karma will come into play for events like that, but one thing I never thought about was how karma builds up and you accrue Karmic Debt from less major events.

Karmic debt is the amount of karma you have accrued in your life from doing negative things that has not yet been repaid. Karma cannot always be repaid all at once, especially if you have done a great deal of negative things in your life. Now, these negative things can be big or small. They can be as small as being rude to people, thinking very negatively about yourself or others, or just any minor negative acts.

Karmic debt gets built very quickly when you do many of these minor negative karma actions. All of the minor things I mention earlier are extremely easy to do compared to something like murder, but they still have karma attached to them and it will get built up.

All of these little actions will not have as major of an effect on your life as something like the karma attached to murder. These minor things manifest themselves in different ways.

One way these smaller karmic debt actions manifest is through “bad luck.” I do not believe anything happens by chance, there is always a cause, no matter how small. The trivial things you do to accrue karmic debt most of the time manifest as inconveniences which is the cause for your “bad luck”, while the major negative things manifest themselves in large ways.

The karmic debt you get from being rude or mean to someone can manifest itself by causing you to relive that moment over and over in your mind for the next few hours and leaving you in a negative state of mind. When you are in a negative state of mind you will attract negativity, and this can also cause your negative karma to manifest. And this is what leads you to attracting “bad luck.”

If you do the opposite of what I mentioned earlier and now you are kind to everyone, you will be rewarded by feeling positive for the next few hours and attract more positivity and attract “good luck.”

The bottom line is this; all of the small negative things you do can quickly add up to a large amount of karmic debt, this karmic debt will cause negative things to happen to you and cause your life to be much harder because of the ways the karmic debt will manifest.

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