Five Tips for Weight Loss

 I’m going to give you guys some tips that will help you out with your weight loss journey. These tips are in no particular order. However many tips you choose to implement at once will determine the speed of your weight loss. Don’t sell yourself short.

  • Weigh yourself every day. When you weigh yourself every day it makes you aware of your daily weight as well as keeps you accountable to your weight. Many people refuse to weigh themselves over the years and then they gain a lot of weight because they get scared of seeing the scale go up. When you weigh yourself everyday and if the scale is going up, hopefully you will make the choice to do something about it. Use the scale as a tool to accurately track your progress. At the end of the week find the average of your weight for that week. Add up all your daily weights from the last seven days and get the average for them. This weight is the weight you can say you weigh. Your body weight varies from day to day, so it can be tricky to see if what you are doing with your weight loss journey is working. If you can get a solid average from that week you can use that weight to track your progress. Do the same thing the following week and then compare your average weights, if your weights are moving in the direction you want to keep doing what you are doing, if the weight is not moving in the correct direction you need to change something.
  • Track everything you eat. If you are trying to lose weight, you need to accurately track the amount of calories you are ingesting. Just because you think you are eating less calories, it doesn’t mean you actually are. Eliminate all of the guesswork from your diet and accurately track your calories. When you are accurately tracking your calories you can accurately make changes to your diet if your weight is not doing what you want it to do.
  • Eat the same foods every day. Now this one may only apply to some people, because other people might be pros at meal prepping. Tracking calories is very tedious, so if you eat the same thing everyday you can safely assume that the calories will be the same and you can input the calories into your calorie tracker faster and easier. Also, eating the same thing everyday will make your meal prep much easier. When you eat the same foods every day you will get into a really smooth groove of meal prepping and find more and more efficient ways of doing it. When you try to cook many different things it can cause your meal prep to get too complicated, and possibly cause you to stop.
  • Do cardio for time. When beginning a cardio routine it may be hard to figure out where to put it in your schedule. If you do cardio for time you can easily cut out a specific amount of time in your schedule to fit your cardio in. If you wanted to run three miles everyday your times may vary from day to day depending on how you are feeling that day, but if you say that I am going to run for 20 minutes everyday, no matter how sore you are, 20 minutes is 20 minutes. Also, if you do cardio for time it makes it possible to do different types of cardio that can’t be measured by distance. I started out jump roping for 20 minutes, if I would have been married to the idea of doing cardio for distance only i would have never thought about jump roping for cardio. Lastly, the American Heart Association suggests doing cardio for 120-150 minutes a week, so if you divide 150 by seven you get 22 minutes (rounding up). 22 minutes is a super do-able everyday.
  • Be consistent. You have to apply all of the tips I have pointed out EVERYDAY. You have to do them everyday until you hit your goal weight. If you only do them every other day or only when you feel like it, you wont get anywhere. Weight loss does not happen overnight. It takes weeks and months to get to where you want to be, if you give up and stop being consistent you will not achieve your goals. 

I hope you found these tips helpful. I used these tips to lose weight, so they are tested and proven to work. If you have any questions DM me @ I_oca95 on instagram or email me @ Have a great day!

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