Why You Need to Read

Reading amounts to one of the most economical and imperative habits you can cultivate. Cheap, easy to do, and for only a few minutes a day, reading will change your life.

When you read the works of the greats, you surround yourself with them and your mind will have to rise to their level. Just like when heat comes in contact with cold and the temperatures meet in the middle, you and the author will come to an even meeting point when you read their works. However, the author’s work remains fixed and cannot lower itself; therefore, it can only raise you up. The first read through of a great text may be difficult, but with each subsequent reading and the deeper understanding that comes along with it, you will rise higher and higher.

When you raise your mind, your life will also rise in a similar fashion to the example of hot and cold. If your mind rises past your current level of life, your mind can’t drop back to where it was (unless you allow it) and it will force your life to get to its level.

If you want to change your life, read the greats, read hardbooks, and force your mind to level up. You don’t become a strong wrestler by wrestling easy opponents just as you don’t become a strong reader by reading easy books. If you can read, then you can read anything, and with enough time and practice, you will come to understand the difficult books.

Read daily and read the greats.

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