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The Necessity of Patience in the Devout Life

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Photo by Jordan Benton on

Photo by Jordan Benton on

Every trial, tribulation, and hardship is sent to you by God.

God sends crosses your way to purify your soul and help you grow and in order to bear these crosses correctly you must have patience. If you are impatient with any cross God sends you, you may not get out of it what God wants you to, or you might actually regress. If your cross comes and you are impatient, you may sin in some way to try and make the cross easier to bear or leave you faster. Patience allows you to remember that this too shall pass and to bear every hardship correctly in the name of God.

God will give you what you need in due time and patience will allow you to wait.

Whatever is in front of you is by God’s doing and when you are patient you will only focus on what’s in front of you rather than wanting something in the future. You will put all of your effort towards the one task in front of you which is what God wants of you.

If you had an employee who was constantly rushing through every task sloppily, was never grateful for the work, and kept asking about his check, how would you feel? What if you had an employee who did quality work, was grateful, and did not pester you with questions about their check, but only patiently and diligently worked, how would you feel? Who would you want to give more to? Who would you help out more? This is exactly what God sees and feels when we are patient or not.

Always strive for patience in every situation and pray that God may grant it to you.

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