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Fighting Temptations Through the Help of God

person holding a rosary

Photo by Daniel Reche on

Photo by Daniel Reche on

Man alone is the creator of his problems. Full of desire and weak against temptation, man falls. Consistently giving in, his desires rule him; he is their slave, unable to say no. More often than not, these desires only lead to hardship, suffering, and his downfall.

Try as he might, man cannot deny himself alone; he must turn to God. God will free him from the chains of desire that hold him prisoner by gracing him with discipline.

Your desires enslave you and force your every action, they drive you to move or stand still. When you have the discipline to say no through the grace of God you will be free.

Deny yourself, pray, and fast all for the sake of God and watch your ability to say no increase through His graces.

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