I Held Your Heart in the Palm of My Hands

Lovely Lady Luna (Archive: NASA, International Space Station)
Lovely Lady Luna (Archive: NASA, International Space Station) by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center is licensed under CC-BY-NC 2.0

So young, dumb, and innocent were we,

One way love from a gift from above

To an empty pit of sin.

You had no idea what you were in,

Nevertheless, you gave me your heart.

In my dirty hands I held it,

So soft, so pure, and so clean it rested.

My dirt, infectious as it is, never fully corrupted

The precious gift you entrusted, to a heart so vile and corrupted.

I took your heart and stabbed it,

I trampled it and tried to destroy it.

But no, you are not that easily broken.

A gift from above, you were built to withstand it

You’ve been through worse, you had to be tested.

A teacher to us all, I took for granted

The way you gave me your heart,

You took it back, and I understand it.

You are still here after all I have done,

One more chance I have always been granted,

A gift from above to all you encounter,

This time I know,

I won’t take it for granted.

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