How To Be In Alignment

Me living in Alignment

Living in alignment is the best way to rid yourself of fear, anxiety, depression, and any other low vibrating emotions.

Alignment means that your thoughts, words, actions, and feelings, are all taking you closer to your goal or vision. To live in alignment, you must first have a goal or a vision to align yourself with.

The first part of being in alignment begins with your thoughts. Thoughts are the most powerful things ­humans have. Anything that was ever invented or created, at one point was just a thought in someone’s head. So, if you are constantly thinking about your vision and all the ways that it will work out, the power of your thought will find a way to guide you to creating your vision. Your thoughts are the first step in any action. Always think that your vision is working or will work, and you are done with the first step.

Your words must also be in alignment with your vision. You must only speak about how your vision will come true. If you talk down on your vision, or talk about how it wont work out, you will create doubt and take your self out of any alignment you might have had. It does not matter if you are joking, the Law of Cause and Effect does not care. Talking about your vision in a negative way will attract what you say about it. When you talk about your vision in a positive way and only talk about how it will work out, you are bringing your thoughts one step closer to reality by recreating them in audio form. Only speak about how your vision will work and the Universe will hear.

Your actions must also be in alignment with your vision. You do this by doing things that take you closer to your vision. Your actions are anything that you physically do. Every action you do will either get you closer to your vision or farther away from your vision. The action may only be one small step closer or farther, but it still moves you in one direction. If it moves you closer, you are in alignment. If your goal is weight loss, eating healthy and exercising are actions that are in alignment, while actions like overeating and skipping your workout are out of alignment.

Lastly, your feelings must be in check. You must feel as if your goal is already achieved or that it will be achieved no matter what. You cannot feel any doubt that your vision or goal will not be accomplished, if you do, you will attract that which you feel. Feel as if the thing has already happened or feel that it will happen, any feelings that go against this will lead to a massive delay in the manifestation of your goal or vision.

When you think, speak, act, and feel out of alignment, you are neutralizing the manifestation process. Neutralizing will cause you to delay your vision or cause you to never achieve it.

To recap.

  • Your thoughts, words, actions, and feelings must all be in alignment in order to manifest your vision or goal.
  • Alignment means to think, speak, act, and feel in away that takes you closer to your vision.

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