Why You Should Run

If you ask anyone if they like running, the answer will most likely be no. Running is a hard activity to do, that’s why so many dislike it. Just because it is hard does not mean that you should dislike it.

Running has been around since the beginning of mankind and that is what makes it so awesome. Our bodies are literally designed to run.

Here’s the thing, how many people do you know that are physically unable to run? Probably a lot of people.

Running is an activity that lives by the saying “If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it”

This happens to many of us, it happened to me. Ask yourself when was the last time you ran. Let me also ask you this; do you think that those individuals who are older than you that are no longer able to run lost their ability to run by running as often as they could, or, by never running?

I understand that certain things happen to some individuals that makes it impossible for them to run, I’m not talking about those individual when referencing the quote above. I’m talking about the individuals who ran as kids but stopped running as they got older.

The answer to the question I asked is obvious. If you think running is too hard for you now, just wait and see how much harder it will get later on in life if you don’t practice.

If running is hard for you now, remember, you must walk before you can run. Set a timer and go for walk/ run and do that every day. Each day try and do a little more running than walking. Make sure to listen to your body and back off the running when you need to.

The human body is extremely capable of doing phenomenal things. If you do the walk/ runs daily, eat plenty of HEALTHY food, drink lots of water, and get plenty of sleep, you will find that all the old pains that kept you from running feel much better than they used to. Also, over time, you will notice that your legs and heart will have gotten much stronger, and you will have lost weight.

Running will make you stronger both mentally and physically. Physically you will improve your leg strength, your heart strength, and your lung strength.

The mental strength is what makes running so awesome. On those days you don’t feel like running but you go anyways, that makes you just a little stronger than yesterday. Those days when the distance you set for yourself seems like it’s too much, but you do it anyways, that makes you mentally stronger. When you are in the middle of a run gasping for air, dying, and it feels like you can’t take another step, but you do! That is making you stronger!

Running as an activity that is You vs. You. It is you vs. that little voice in your head that tries to talk you out of your run before it started. It’s you vs that little voice when it’s telling you to quit mid-run because you are tired. Running can turn that voice in your head into your ally.

After a certain number of runs, you will start to become aware of your self-talk (the little voice). When you become aware of it you will notice two things about it. You will first notice whether what it says is good or bad self-talk, and secondly you will notice that you can control what it says.

Once you begin controlling that voice on your runs you can start to control it throughout the day and that is the peak of mental strength.

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