How to Eat With Consistency

Most people will just eat whatever and whenever they want to and wonder why arent in as of shape as they want to be.

To diet efficiently you need to have some sort of consistency with your eating. You need consistency with what you eat, when you eat, and how much you eat.

A good starting point is to eat lean protein, healthy carbs, and as many veggies as you can. Start small with these foods each day, one serving a day of each, then build up until they are present in all of your meals. Your lean protein could be chicken, steak, ground beef or turkey (sorry vegans I don’t have much knowledge on good protein sources for you guys yet.) Your carbs could be any type of rice, any type of potato, pasta or bread. Carbs are not you enemy! With everything, just consume them in moderation. Certain carbs will do different things than other certain carbs, but as a good starting point any of my suggestions will do. When it comes to eating veggies I suggest eating the rainbow! Eat as many colors as you like!

The time you eat is also very important. Eating at around the same times everyday helps build healthy eating habits. This can help you avoid the continuous snacking that can negatively affect your weight loss. When you have set times to eat, you can use that as motivation to avoid snacking because you know exactly when you next meal will be. Also, eating at the same time everyday will cause your body to get hungry around those certain times.

How much you eat will determine how much weight you will lose. This amount can very from person to person. You can either count your calories and make sure you are actually in a deficit to lose weight (check out my blog to find out how to find your daily caloric intake). If you have the necessary self control you can always just eat until your slightly less than full. Most of the time the weight gain comes because we are so used to eating until we are full or passed being full.

Thank you for checking out my post! I hope you learned something from it!

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