Daily Habits You Should Start Today

This first essay will be an introduction to some daily habits I believe anyone can do at any time and in any living condition. These habits form the basis for the body and mind to be healthy.

The first habit that anyone can practice is waking up early. However early you truly believe early is, will work. If you are the type of person to wake up at noon and you think 11 a.m. is early, then wake up at that time. My suggestion for building this habit and sticking with it is very simple. If you are an individual who works and has days off, start by waking up at the same time you would wake up for work on your days off. This is probably the most helpful thing you can do for yourself. It sets an overall structure for your day and life. Once you have this down you can work slowly at making your wake up time early and earlier. I would not suggest waking up so early that it messes with your sleep cycle. If you can get five hours and still function then do that, if not then just wake up slightly earlier than you would like to and reap the benefits.

Waking up early and waking up at the same time everyday has many benefits. I find that having a steady wake up time is the equivalent of having a solid foundation for a house. With the steady wake up time you can start adding more and more on top of your solid base. It becomes much easier to schedule your day when you know exactly when you are going to wake up. When you can schedule your day more easily you will actually start to schedule your day. Once you start scheduling your day you begin to realize how much free time you have, and then you start thinking how you can fill these times up with productive habits. These habits are like the actual features of the house on the solid foundation. With a steady and early wake up time you start to see how much free time you have that you can fill with productive habits.

The next habit that anyone in any position can do, is to eat healthy. Eating healthy is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. If you want to live a more full life, eat healthy. The food you eat becomes you, that saying, “you are what you eat” is not just something we heard while growing up, it is the truth. If you eat healthy you will feel better, lose weight, and live longer.

The last daily habit that anyone can do is exercise. The only people who cannot exercise are those people who have literally zero ligaments to move. If you can only move one arm, exercise that one arm; if you have only one leg, go hop a mile; if you have two arms and no legs, you better have the best bench single in the world. You don’t need anything to work out, so even if you don’t have access to a gym as long as you have a floor to stand on you can work out.

These three habits alone if practiced daily Monday through Sunday will have a profound change on someone’s life. Whatever their current life situation is, they will be in a completely new and much better life situation in an allotted amount of time if they practice these daily tasks.

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