Why Movement in the Morning is Important

Nobody wakes up happy. Nobody wakes up feeling like they earned the right to sit on the couch. Most people wake up and open up Instagram or check their emails or do nothing for a few hours. 

If you woke up and went on a walk, run, or did some form of cardio. Your entire day would change. Most people think that one day they will just wake up happy and then they will continue to do so day after day.

This is not the case.

You have to earn that positive feeling DAILY. You do this by doing things that are good for you (gym, chores, work (you like), and doing positive acts).

The best way to start the snowball effect of doing things that are good for you is by first starting your day out with something that is good for you! 

Everyone knows the scientific weight loss benefits of cardio, so I won’t get into that. The biggest benefit I see from doing my cardio first thing in the morning is clarity. 

Going for a walk or going for a run will get your heart pumping faster than if you were to just sit around at home. This increase in heart rate will put you in a much more positive mood. And this positive mood is the best way to solve any problems you might be facing!

When you are out on that walk ask yourself the questions that have been bugging you. You might not get the answers right away or you might get answers to different questions you didn’t even know you had. The positivity you get from moving around will lead you to positive solutions.

If you are unsure of something you might just find that clarity on the walk.

You will gain clarity of what your goals for the future might be, you’ll gain clarity for what your goals for the next few months might be, and you’ll gain clarity for what your goals for the day might be.

Clarity, clarity, clarity. 

If you are unsure of what your goals are, guess what? You’ll gain CLARITY of what your goals are during this morning movement! 

Then when you become unsure on how to start attacking these goals, you will gain the clarity of how to do so during these movements. 

So, as you can see, clarity is the biggest benefit that you will get from moving in the morning. 

“Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” – Mark Twain

If you hate cardio, why would you wait till the end of the day to do it and torture yourself all day on the thoughts about it.

When you move or do cardio first thing in the morning you get your cardio over and done with. If you hate cardio you won’t have to think about how bad it is going to be, because you will have already completed it.

If you are one of those people who talk themselves out of doing cardio, if you do it early enough, you won’t have time to come up with reasons to skip it. If you dislike cardio and you do not look forward to it if you wait till the end of the day to do it you might just convince yourself to skip it before that time comes. 

I hope you enjoyed this write up and if you have any questions just email me (ianocampo95@gmail.com)!

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Thank you!!

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